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In a recent request for a field service solution for Delaney Commercial Services bluMedia saw an opportunity to deploy a mobile application that will make work in the field efficient and work flow seamless from point of origination to actual billing to customer.  As a tier one installer for Lowes residential installations their work orders range anywhere from appliance installations to Garage doors.  Based on the clients requirements it was clear that a database with relationship links and group strategies would be in order. Although this is a prototype we are currently working with two.  Our choice for the task was MySQL Open Source and Sage ACT a proprietary software company.  Our first mission in this project was to merge the clients current database of vendors and tier one providers and group them in their proper category.  The second task was to import a list of DEMO customers to create a platform from which we can develop API for mobile application interface.

Delaney Commercial Services

Delaney Commercial Services database and API Development for Mobile Application developed by bluMedia Group

In a world where the mobile application market is becoming saturated with games and social media distribution posting apps it’s rare to find a mobile application that actually increase your companies bottom line.  Something that you can actually use on a daily basis.  bluMedia’s goal with this prototype is to provide ease of use and rapid deployment across enterprise to deliver the following for our client Delaney Commercial Services:

*Give  mobile workers instant access to data
*Eliminate manual data entry
*Decrease paperwork
*Increase billable time
*Eliminate transcription errors
*Increase productivity and efficiency of staff
*Improve customer service
*Provide immediate insight to mobile worker activities
Mobile Application

Delaney Commercial Services Using bluMedia Technology in the Field

Mobile Application Developed by bluMedia for Delaney Commercial Services


To find out more about Delaney Commercial Services stay tuned for more updates on this project as we develop that mobile application and start real live testing in the field as we sync it with their database and roll out this mobile application across their daily operations to improve processes and increase company profit!


What is a PULL Campaign?  Essentially it is a call to action- There are millions of cell phone users with their beady little eyes glued to their cell phone screens with their fingers nimbly scrolling and texting right now. The phenomenon known as text messaging has taken over and is considered a common accepted means of communication.  A pull campaign is a means by which a cell phone users sees and advertisement and is prompted to text a “KEY WORD” to a “SHORT CODE” and in doing so they voluntarily opt in to receive a promotion from your brand.  Check out this video to see how ARBY’s used a “PULL CAMPAIGN” in a mobile coupon campaign that had a 63% redemption rate from a 29% opt in ratio- AMAZING AND SIMPLE STUPID!


Mobile Marketing in its most simple form is just sending information to the consumer via text message. However, with the invention of Smart Phones into the market place business owners are encouraged to establish a mobile relationship that is based on best practice methods we have learned with marketing in social media forums like Facebook.  Think about it, no one likes spam!  So why would you constantly send out messages on your daily menu to people that never asked for it in the first place?  This is a capital offense when it comes to mobile SMS premium marketing.  bluMedia Group has the expertise to make sure that your mobile campaign highlights your business in such a way that you are properly seen as a relevant lifestyle based incentive provider to your consumer base.  This is how we are able to drive qualified traffic to your website, store front, event and or message.  Call us today to see how bluMedia can work for you!   Direct: (313) 718 – 2258

Social Media vs SMS Mobile Media

bluMedia takes your social media and puts in concert with Mobile Media to connect your brand with qualified traffic.

Facebook me.”- Sound familiar?  It’s becoming a household verb used by just about everyone.  No doubt Facebook is the marketing industry game changer of the century.  Where Facebook reached over 100 million users in just a matter of months it took radio over 30 years to reach 50 million users.  Check the stats and Facebook is now at over 400 million users worldwide.  According to Facebook advertising department there are over 191,060 users within a 25 mile radius of Fresno, California.  This number represents both individuals and businesses that are all in on the action.  This is a huge audience and as a business owner you should definitely be taking advantage of the social networking opportunity that this provides your business.

However successful the reach of Facebook may be it is no substitute for SMS Text Message Marketing.    Why?  Facebook, SMS Text Message Marketing, Mobile Websites, Mobile Apps, Blogs, Vlogs and Youtube to name a few are all great ways to engage your target audience and they’re as different as Monkeys and Gorillas.  Both primates but as you well know Curious George got nothin’ on King Kong!  Here’s why, Content-

With Facebook and all social media you must supply fresh content regularly. This is where most people struggle and where bluMedia Group can help your business.  Keep in mind that an aggressive offline and online cross linking strategy to your Facebook page can help your business establish a relationship with your target audience versus just some random group of people. Using mobile SMS Marketing in concert with mobile websites can help drive traffic and awareness to your brand.

Have you ever noticed how every time you post your advert or quote of the day to Facebook in an effort to drive more traffic to your business that within 10 minutes or less your post is under a pile of other posts from other people and business owners attempting to do the same exact thing as you?  This is probably the most frustrating part for business and or promoters trying to send a time sensitive message and get noticed on Facebook.  By the time you see or don’t see this article post on Facebook there will be 100 other posts within minutes that will drive this post from your Facebook browser.  Mobile Media offers a solution to this- by establishing a mobile relationship with your followers you will have the ability to send them a text message alert to your time sensitive message or even a link to the update on your mobile website to redeem a special offer, etc.

Let’s be honest, advertising is a Reach and Frequency game. A small business like yours can’t afford to get wrapped up into a low reach and low frequency strategy.  Facebook in a lot of ways provides a database for you to get your brand noticed. But it is by no means a customer relationship tool and is limited as to the filters you can set through various campaigns to identify your potential customer from the kid who has a facebook profile and zero buying power.  bluMedia Group can provide your business with a platform to use in concert with Facebook to drive more qualified traffic to your brand and or your promotion.

We’ve pointed out before in previous blogs that the Smartphone market is growing by leaps and bounds and business now have the ability to get their message seen in formats that literally jump off the page like video, audio and rich media images.  bluMedia can works for your brand to connect you to the spending power of mobile commerce, e commerce and traditional in-store foot traffic.  Call us today to find out how bluMedia can enhance your followers user experience on your Facebook page and create brand interaction that drives business! 313-718-2258

Get Found

bluMedia hacks the code to make sure that your Mobile Site gets noticed in the mobile search engines

As you’re reading this as of right now the biggest difference between traditional search engine bots and mobile search engine bots is that the mobile bots evaluate your site as if it was being displayed on a mobile device.  So obviously the search bot criteria is to rank how well your site will perform on mobile devices. If they determine it will not load well and allow the mobile user to navigate your site then your mobile site will not rank.  In addition to determining how well your site will load and navigate from a mobile device they can also detect what type of mobile device you are searching from and, in some cases, rank mobile sites according to how well those sites will perform on that specific device.  If the site will perform well on the device, it has a better chance of ranking well in the search results shown on that device.

Keep in mind that the way mobile sites are ranked is through both the traditional search indexes as well as mobile indexes.  This is why your search engine optimization must work in concert with both a main site as well as a mobile site.  Knowing this will help you to drive traffic to your site and engage your target audience by being able to harness the ability to deliver information on demand.  Using the proper scripting language in your website set up is important because this is the main determining factor as to how you site will be indexed.  Indexing is the process by which the search bots determine the format of your website.  bluMedia Web Site Developers use all major scripting mark up languages to ensure that your site is optimized for both traditional and mobile browsing.  With more people using their mobile device to browse the web you can’t afford not to embrace this technology.  Contact bluMedia today for all your mobile media advertising and marketing needs.

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More people are browsing the web from their cell phone. With the addition of the 4G network the speed at which you can access the internet to pull information is getting insane.  This is a good thing for the business mind that is constantly turning and looking for new ways to generate cash.  Here is the latest from bluMedia Group in Detroit Michigan, the industry leader in everything mobile!  Imagine making money every single time someone clicks on an ad-  Wait it gets better, imagine having the ability to give your brand the power to take over a cell phone users navigation container?  We’re not crazy, we’re just telling you that the technology is available through bluMedia’s Mobile Solutions.  Here are the Mobile Requirements-

Mobile Adsense

bluMedia Mobile Adsense Detroit Mobile Media

Mobile content is definitely different from the content that you find on other web pages, and because it it, participation in Adsense for Mobile  has some different requirements. Obviously, the Web site must be mobile compliant, but it also must be developed with a server side scripting language, such as PHP.  If you’re not sure what PHP is, don’t worry about it- that’s what you pay us for here at bluMedia Group.  If your mobile site isn’t developed with a server side scripting language, Adsense for Mobile ad code doesn’t display properly on your pages.  The code generated for Adsense for Mobile doesn’t render properly on a normal Web site either, so don’t generate the code thinking that you can fool Google into believing that you’re supporting mobile Web sites.  All you’ll wind up doing is generating an obvious error that your site visitors can see.

When it comes to Mobile Web Page Markup Languages that can be used to program your Web site and still have mobile ads enabled here are a list of what bluMedia provides our clients:

WML (WAP 1.x) : Used for mobile websites and apps.

XHTML (WAP 2.0) : This is useful for both normal sites and Mobile Web Sites.

CHTML (imode) : This is used for folks across the pond in Japan- we provide this for international clients that have a presence in Japan or have a need to interact with DoCoMo- very limited application.

The Competitive Edge Using Mobile Adsense

I’m aware that all of this sounds like a bunch of mumbo jumbo, but it really is necessary to program your mobile Web site using a supported mobile scripting language if you want your site to be both functional and useful.  Users are not likely to return to a site that isn’t mobile friendly and then you’re not going to make any money from your ads.  I suggest exploring the Mobile Media space in detail before jumping into it.  Although the market is still segmented and provides a lot of opportunity keep in mind that this is still a wild frontier and it takes a forward thinking mind to successfully implement and execute mobile strategies that make money.  Here are some advantages to using mobile Adsense-

The screen is so small on mobile devices that your ad will not have any competition- only one ad unit can be displayed per web page.

A double ad unit can only be place at the bottom of the page.

Ads displayed on a mobile web page cannon be modified or obscured in any way.

After an ad has been clicked, the landing page may not be interrupted or prevented in any way. Mobile ads actually pay more!

This particular mobile space is wide open and bluMedia can put your business in the drivers seat to take advantage of this opportunity- we also provide affiliate syndication as well so make sure you call us today to find out more!

So you want to use mobile eh?  Why not? It works in theory; I mean it’s logical to think that Consumer A wants to purchase your widget using a discount. As a retailer of goods you realize that by providing Consumer A with a discount coupon that it will create purchase consideration and perhaps foster customer loyalty and or increase the rate at which Consumer A purchases your widget (i.e. coffee, clothes, pizza, USB Cable, Office Supplies, etc.).  Knowing this you decide you want to send Consumer A a text message with a coupon attachment and you’re counting on this to drive more foot traffic into your store.

Engage, Connect, Deliver Information on Demand

bluMedia Group

So how do you make this happen?  It’s all about connecting the dots. First you have to provide some sort of advertisement that makes Consumer A and thousands of others just like Consumer A want to interact with your brand and provide you with their information like a cell phone number.  Once Consumer A has provided you with their cell phone number they’re going to want something in exchange, and that “something” needs to come NOW- that’s right, consumers want information on demand.  They don’t want something in the mail, they want digital media that is going to provide 3 things-

1. Relevant Content

2. Information on Demand

3. Lifestyle Based Incentive

Follow these three little rules and you’re bound to make an impact. At bluMedia Group we are currently using a combination of labels and static in-store 11×17 posters with QR Code to initiate in-store adverts that are driving tons of traffic to our opt-in data bases that we have set up for a few clients.  In short a pull campaign is exactly what the word sounds like.  I want to pull your number and store it in my data base.  I want to pull thousands of numbers and store them in a database.  Do you get it now?  Good-

The important and amazing technology used by bluMedia Group enables business owners to pre-segment their databases so we know who asked for what and which advert they found compelling enough to drive them to interact with your brand.  In exchange every time a consumer like “Consumer A” opts into the database they receive an immediate auto reply that points them to a mobile website where they can download their coupon and get relevant information on how the business can provide them with Relevant Content, Information on Demand and lifestyle based incentives.  If you’re a business owner and you want to drive more traffic into your store and you want to engage in a mobile coupon campaign please contact us to find out how bluMedia Group in Detroit Michigan and work for you in achieving your marketing, advertising, communication and business goals.

Back in 2009 I came up with a mobile marketing strategy that involved using a government program for purchasing a home where a home buyer can qualify for up to $5,000 that will never have to be paid back as long as the homeowner stays in the home for at least 5 years.  Simple enough right? It’s like a grant forgiveness program that reimburses the government at $1,000 per year for putting another homeowner on the property tax roles.  So I combined this knowledge with the idea of all the yard signs I’d been seeing around town.  You’ve probably seen them yourself for everything from the local handyman to the carpet cleaner that will steam your carpets for $99 bucks any three rooms.  I wondered to myself, “these signs must really work cause I see these things all over the place.”

It was then that I decided to get my own signs made up.  I ordered 250 signs that read, “FREE money to buy a home, Text “FREE MONEY”  to 77577 Now!” It took about 5 days to get my signs and within 15 minutes of putting my signs out on the street I got a phone call from the guys in my office, “Shawn, what is going on man! Our system is buzzing with a ton of incoming opt ins- it’s off the hook!”  To say the least I was pleased with these results.  We started getting a lot of opt in traffic but the problem was that we were getting a lot of people that couldn’t qualify for a mortgage loan and the $5,000 down payment assistance only worked for people that were getting a conventional or FHA mortgage loan.  I couldn’t afford to keep running credit reports for applicants that weren’t in a position to buy a home anytime soon.  So then I remembered a community meeting I had gone too where the lady spoke on behalf of her non profit organization that specialized in Home Buyer Counseling.  It turns out that this organization gets up to $120 per person that walks through their doors for this counseling class regardless of their credit situation- in fact they are encouraged to come because they get a Free credit report and a snap shot analysis of what they need to do to get their credit back on the right track.  So I figured this was the fix; the break I had been searching for.  My own private / public credit filter / incubation connection.

I started referring everyone to this home buyer counseling program and in turn I started getting a ton of business and it was easy for us to do because the way we structured the text messages to the people in our opt in data base was like a treasure hunt or a well written mystery novel.  We then started referring a ton of business to real estate agents and in turn we started getting a lot of their referrals in response to the business we were driving to the real estate brokers.

So basically without having to make any phone calls and using mass text messaging we were able to communicate with a large group of people that were interested in purchasing a home (approx. 7,023 people in less than 90 days) and steer that traffic to a public resource that in turn filtered the traffic and returned qualified buyers that were then delivered to real estate agents in our network that ultimately helped these good folks find a home, get a mortgage and close a deal using $5,000 of FREE money.  This is the formula in a nutshell- of course their are some intricacies not discussed in this blog post because we want you to call us and find out how bluMedia can work for you to put your business on steroids using mobile media.  We have the network, the connections and the proven experience in the trenches that makes this strategy extremely effective.  Give us a call today 248-910-1230.

Detroit Advertising and Marketing

bluMedia analyzes the current state of Mobile Marketing in North America

Differences in infrastructure and the penetration of high speed mobile networks cause noticeable differences between the use of mobile phones in the United States, Canada and Mexico.  Over all though, the launch of the iPhone has done a lot to shape mobile marketing in North America, most notably making downloadable application mainstream, vastly improving the mobile Web experience, and making streaming music and video a simple reality for many subscribers.  With the accessibility of smart phones and operating systems much like iPhone and Droid downloads have become synonymous with Cool!

The United States were the first to build a nationwide network of mobile towers, speeding the overall adoption of cell phones.  Unfortunately, the towers that were buildt were equipped to handle only slower analog and digital signals instead of the faster 2G, 3G and the quickly approaching national coverage of the 4G network connections.  The interactive nature of the U.S. marketing space means that the United States offers far more opportunities for cross-media efforts than any other country in the world. The United States is the largest single market for mobile advertising, even though it lags behind both Europe and Asia in terms of mobile penetration.  Mobile marketing is not as developed or ingrained in the U.S. Market as it is in East Asia, but it has huge promise.  In 2008, about 23% of mobile subscribers in the United States reported seeing an advertisment on their phone, and about half of those reported that they had responded at least once to a mobile advertisement.  Simple text and picture messages may be ideal for other regions, but the North American audience is expecting a richer, integrated experience that loops their mobile phone into existing marketing campaigns.

Although the United States currently leads in mobile traffic and in ad spending, it is significantly behind European countries such as Italy and Spain in terms of 3G and 4G Penetration- the good news is that this is quickly changing and if you’re not already making moves in your business marketing strategy to get on board with bluMedia’s Mobile Marketing platform you will probably be late for the funeral for your business.  The number of people performing Internet searches from their mobile phones in America is on the rise, a staggering rise!  The United States represents 68% of the worldwide mobile searching, and with flat rate data pricing, there is no disincentive to search when information is needed.  It will be crusial for mobile marketing to become part of your overall strategy with bluMedia Group in Detroit Michigan.

Carrier decks and carrier search still play some role in shaping the Web activity of mobile users in the United states, but this trend is likely on its way out.  The percent of U.S. on deck traffic went form 53.4% in the forth quarter of 2007 to 36.91% in the fourth quarter of 2008, but until recently some carriers made it difficult or impossible for their subscribers to access content on the off deck Web.  Now, we have operating systems in 2011 such as iPhone, Droid and Blackberry that enable their subscribers to access the web through their browser and access any search engine of preference and navigate the Web as if they were working from their laptop in most cases.  Despite the relatively advanced nature of the mobile landscape in the United States, not all mobile marketing will be well received.  Americans have a deeper concern for privacy, which makes the idea of mobile marketing unappealing to many.  The younger demographics are less likely to be offended by mobile marketing messages, but to avoid ostracizing potential customers, you should keep your messages highly targeted and short.  bluMedia Group achieves this for our clients through creative, lifestyle based incentives to interact with your brand.  Your clients and target audience will be eager to interact with you via mobile marketing because it’s done right.  Don’t forget to check out our website for solutions and more at