Innovative Mobile Media Solutions

In a recent request for a field service solution for Delaney Commercial Services bluMedia saw an opportunity to deploy a mobile application that will make work in the field efficient and work flow seamless from point of origination to actual billing to customer.  As a tier one installer for Lowes residential installations their work orders range anywhere from appliance installations to Garage doors.  Based on the clients requirements it was clear that a database with relationship links and group strategies would be in order. Although this is a prototype we are currently working with two.  Our choice for the task was MySQL Open Source and Sage ACT a proprietary software company.  Our first mission in this project was to merge the clients current database of vendors and tier one providers and group them in their proper category.  The second task was to import a list of DEMO customers to create a platform from which we can develop API for mobile application interface.

Delaney Commercial Services

Delaney Commercial Services database and API Development for Mobile Application developed by bluMedia Group

In a world where the mobile application market is becoming saturated with games and social media distribution posting apps it’s rare to find a mobile application that actually increase your companies bottom line.  Something that you can actually use on a daily basis.  bluMedia’s goal with this prototype is to provide ease of use and rapid deployment across enterprise to deliver the following for our client Delaney Commercial Services:

*Give  mobile workers instant access to data
*Eliminate manual data entry
*Decrease paperwork
*Increase billable time
*Eliminate transcription errors
*Increase productivity and efficiency of staff
*Improve customer service
*Provide immediate insight to mobile worker activities
Mobile Application

Delaney Commercial Services Using bluMedia Technology in the Field

Mobile Application Developed by bluMedia for Delaney Commercial Services


To find out more about Delaney Commercial Services stay tuned for more updates on this project as we develop that mobile application and start real live testing in the field as we sync it with their database and roll out this mobile application across their daily operations to improve processes and increase company profit!

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