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June 26th 2011, Shawn Reed of bluMedia Group with GamesVille USA at the annual Seeds 2 Feed Foundation Event

bluMedia Group is happy to report that this past weekend on June 26th 2011 we co-sponsored an event with our client GamesVille USA at the 26th Annual Summer Event hosted by the “Seed to Feed Foundation” at Lower Rouge Park in Inkster, Michigan.  The event had games, rides and great food.  Inkster Police department was there and the people came out in swarms to show their support.  It was a great turn out.

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Founder, Shawn Reed of bluMedia Group shakes hands with Owner, Caleb Rutledge of GamesVille USA

GamesVille USA hosted a raffle and we set up their booth so they could display their product and service.  Overall it was a great opportunity to engage new customers of all ages.  We had everyone from 7 year olds that purchased raffle tickets to 70 year old grand parents that were happy to meet the owner of GamesVille and realize that video games are a great gift idea and now they know where to come for all their gaming needs.  As part of our focus we mobilized a street team that worked the crowd telling the audience about the raffle and at the same time harvesting cell phone numbers to increase our clients data base of mobile opt in consumers.  Overall the raffle was a win because it generated cash for client and GameVille USA walked away with a database of new customers of over 1,300.  What’s so key about this number is that each person that opted into receive mobile coupons and invitations to gaming tournaments knows about the product and the service and are interested in receiving promotions from our client, GamesVille USA.  It doesn’t get much better than that.

In the end everyone had a great time, the music was awesome and the food was great!  We look forward to our next public relations event where we can successfully empower our clients with the ability to engage and connect with their target audience.

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