Innovative Mobile Media Solutions

Search Engine Optimization Services

Where do I begin?  As a business owner whether you are selling a widget or you have a service you want to make sure that your website is an active site and not a static site.  To achieve that you need traffic, visitors and consumers going to your page to get educated, inspired and ultimately make a purchase.  To do that you will need much more than just listing your URL with search engines and time.  You will need a entire infrastructure built around establishing you as an expert in your field and service and as a result you will build a “capture web”.

bluMedia provides these services to customers using enhanced methods such as video, support sites with reciprocating links and offline promotions to drive traffic to your site that will optimize your social media and therefore launch you into the front page of google without having to wait years for your ranking to increase organically.  Our search engine optimization services are genetically engineered to put your company on BLAST!  Don’t believe us?

Good- call us and give us a challenge and within 72 hours we will have you on the first page of Google.

Keep in mind that just because you’re on the first page of Google doesn’t mean that your site is going to drive your business.  There is a whole genre of supporting media that must be set in place for your business to really engage the consumer and connect to their spending power.  bluMedia Group works with forward thinking brands that want to create their own GLOBAL MICROBRAND.

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