Innovative Mobile Media Solutions

What is a PULL Campaign?  Essentially it is a call to action- There are millions of cell phone users with their beady little eyes glued to their cell phone screens with their fingers nimbly scrolling and texting right now. The phenomenon known as text messaging has taken over and is considered a common accepted means of communication.  A pull campaign is a means by which a cell phone users sees and advertisement and is prompted to text a “KEY WORD” to a “SHORT CODE” and in doing so they voluntarily opt in to receive a promotion from your brand.  Check out this video to see how ARBY’s used a “PULL CAMPAIGN” in a mobile coupon campaign that had a 63% redemption rate from a 29% opt in ratio- AMAZING AND SIMPLE STUPID!


Mobile Marketing in its most simple form is just sending information to the consumer via text message. However, with the invention of Smart Phones into the market place business owners are encouraged to establish a mobile relationship that is based on best practice methods we have learned with marketing in social media forums like Facebook.  Think about it, no one likes spam!  So why would you constantly send out messages on your daily menu to people that never asked for it in the first place?  This is a capital offense when it comes to mobile SMS premium marketing.  bluMedia Group has the expertise to make sure that your mobile campaign highlights your business in such a way that you are properly seen as a relevant lifestyle based incentive provider to your consumer base.  This is how we are able to drive qualified traffic to your website, store front, event and or message.  Call us today to see how bluMedia can work for you!   Direct: (313) 718 – 2258

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