Innovative Mobile Media Solutions

Back in 2009 I came up with a mobile marketing strategy that involved using a government program for purchasing a home where a home buyer can qualify for up to $5,000 that will never have to be paid back as long as the homeowner stays in the home for at least 5 years.  Simple enough right? It’s like a grant forgiveness program that reimburses the government at $1,000 per year for putting another homeowner on the property tax roles.  So I combined this knowledge with the idea of all the yard signs I’d been seeing around town.  You’ve probably seen them yourself for everything from the local handyman to the carpet cleaner that will steam your carpets for $99 bucks any three rooms.  I wondered to myself, “these signs must really work cause I see these things all over the place.”

It was then that I decided to get my own signs made up.  I ordered 250 signs that read, “FREE money to buy a home, Text “FREE MONEY”  to 77577 Now!” It took about 5 days to get my signs and within 15 minutes of putting my signs out on the street I got a phone call from the guys in my office, “Shawn, what is going on man! Our system is buzzing with a ton of incoming opt ins- it’s off the hook!”  To say the least I was pleased with these results.  We started getting a lot of opt in traffic but the problem was that we were getting a lot of people that couldn’t qualify for a mortgage loan and the $5,000 down payment assistance only worked for people that were getting a conventional or FHA mortgage loan.  I couldn’t afford to keep running credit reports for applicants that weren’t in a position to buy a home anytime soon.  So then I remembered a community meeting I had gone too where the lady spoke on behalf of her non profit organization that specialized in Home Buyer Counseling.  It turns out that this organization gets up to $120 per person that walks through their doors for this counseling class regardless of their credit situation- in fact they are encouraged to come because they get a Free credit report and a snap shot analysis of what they need to do to get their credit back on the right track.  So I figured this was the fix; the break I had been searching for.  My own private / public credit filter / incubation connection.

I started referring everyone to this home buyer counseling program and in turn I started getting a ton of business and it was easy for us to do because the way we structured the text messages to the people in our opt in data base was like a treasure hunt or a well written mystery novel.  We then started referring a ton of business to real estate agents and in turn we started getting a lot of their referrals in response to the business we were driving to the real estate brokers.

So basically without having to make any phone calls and using mass text messaging we were able to communicate with a large group of people that were interested in purchasing a home (approx. 7,023 people in less than 90 days) and steer that traffic to a public resource that in turn filtered the traffic and returned qualified buyers that were then delivered to real estate agents in our network that ultimately helped these good folks find a home, get a mortgage and close a deal using $5,000 of FREE money.  This is the formula in a nutshell- of course their are some intricacies not discussed in this blog post because we want you to call us and find out how bluMedia can work for you to put your business on steroids using mobile media.  We have the network, the connections and the proven experience in the trenches that makes this strategy extremely effective.  Give us a call today 248-910-1230.

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