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Establishing Your Own Global Microbrand

Ever since I first heard the term, I have been totally besotted with the idea of “THE GLOBAL MICROBRAND”.  A small, tiny brand that “sells” all over the world.  Global microbrands are nothing new; they’ve existed for a while-long before the internet was invented.  Imagine a well known author or painter selling his work all over the world.  Or a small whiskey distillery in Tennessee that exports to the UK.  Or a small chess maker in rural France, whose product is exported to Paris, London and beyond.  A micro-brewery in Washington that exports its beers to twenty four other states.   Or a small British firm that makes $50,000 shotguns to collectors and enthusiasts all over the world.

With the invention of the internet and drop ship powerhouses like UPS and FedEX you can now ship your product and or provide your service all over the world.  bluMedia is currently working with forward thinking brands and launching global campaigns that are blowing peoples minds and have our clients raving!

Take for example our client, LaGuard Vests- This innovative product is a enhance weighted vest for dogs.  Think about it, pet owners all over the world have Dogs.  A product that is produced in China and sells in the United States, South Africa, UK and Spain is successfully being marketed and promoted using both offline and online media ranging from outdoor advertising to indoor location based proximity marketing both static and event based scenarios.  All of these successful efforts managed by bluMedia Group.

If you have a product or service that you want to expand globally than contact us today to learn how we can build your brand and connect you to the spending power of the global market.


You are global- you just don't know it yet!

bluMedia Group successfully launches a global marketing campaign for LaGuard Vests

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