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bluMedia’s Take on Mobile Marketing in North America- The Mobile Storm Takeover

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bluMedia analyzes the current state of Mobile Marketing in North America

Differences in infrastructure and the penetration of high speed mobile networks cause noticeable differences between the use of mobile phones in the United States, Canada and Mexico.  Over all though, the launch of the iPhone has done a lot to shape mobile marketing in North America, most notably making downloadable application mainstream, vastly improving the mobile Web experience, and making streaming music and video a simple reality for many subscribers.  With the accessibility of smart phones and operating systems much like iPhone and Droid downloads have become synonymous with Cool!

The United States were the first to build a nationwide network of mobile towers, speeding the overall adoption of cell phones.  Unfortunately, the towers that were buildt were equipped to handle only slower analog and digital signals instead of the faster 2G, 3G and the quickly approaching national coverage of the 4G network connections.  The interactive nature of the U.S. marketing space means that the United States offers far more opportunities for cross-media efforts than any other country in the world. The United States is the largest single market for mobile advertising, even though it lags behind both Europe and Asia in terms of mobile penetration.  Mobile marketing is not as developed or ingrained in the U.S. Market as it is in East Asia, but it has huge promise.  In 2008, about 23% of mobile subscribers in the United States reported seeing an advertisment on their phone, and about half of those reported that they had responded at least once to a mobile advertisement.  Simple text and picture messages may be ideal for other regions, but the North American audience is expecting a richer, integrated experience that loops their mobile phone into existing marketing campaigns.

Although the United States currently leads in mobile traffic and in ad spending, it is significantly behind European countries such as Italy and Spain in terms of 3G and 4G Penetration- the good news is that this is quickly changing and if you’re not already making moves in your business marketing strategy to get on board with bluMedia’s Mobile Marketing platform you will probably be late for the funeral for your business.  The number of people performing Internet searches from their mobile phones in America is on the rise, a staggering rise!  The United States represents 68% of the worldwide mobile searching, and with flat rate data pricing, there is no disincentive to search when information is needed.  It will be crusial for mobile marketing to become part of your overall strategy with bluMedia Group in Detroit Michigan.

Carrier decks and carrier search still play some role in shaping the Web activity of mobile users in the United states, but this trend is likely on its way out.  The percent of U.S. on deck traffic went form 53.4% in the forth quarter of 2007 to 36.91% in the fourth quarter of 2008, but until recently some carriers made it difficult or impossible for their subscribers to access content on the off deck Web.  Now, we have operating systems in 2011 such as iPhone, Droid and Blackberry that enable their subscribers to access the web through their browser and access any search engine of preference and navigate the Web as if they were working from their laptop in most cases.  Despite the relatively advanced nature of the mobile landscape in the United States, not all mobile marketing will be well received.  Americans have a deeper concern for privacy, which makes the idea of mobile marketing unappealing to many.  The younger demographics are less likely to be offended by mobile marketing messages, but to avoid ostracizing potential customers, you should keep your messages highly targeted and short.  bluMedia Group achieves this for our clients through creative, lifestyle based incentives to interact with your brand.  Your clients and target audience will be eager to interact with you via mobile marketing because it’s done right.  Don’t forget to check out our website for solutions and more at

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Mobile Media is no longer just an option- It’s the New Standard. Check out this Video

Mobile Banners and Pay Per Click Advertising

If you are doing display or PPC advertising (on mobile or traditional platforms), always promote your mobile content.  Instead of linking to the main home page of your website or even your mobile site, you can link directly to an optimized download page, application, video, coupon or even a link to “LIKE” your Facebook page is your goal is to increase your follower base.  Remember the goal is to deliver information on demand- so that’s just it, give them what they want right away.  All the other stuff you may want to steer attention too are just ancillary informational pieces to your mobile online presence that can be done in other ways.

If you are doing PPC, include the name of your application and the platform it is built for, as well as the hook or call to action, in your keyword lists.  Similarly, if you are doing display advertising / Banner Ads, it might be a good idea to include a screen shot or illustration from your mobile application or website.  This is referred to as the application icon- get creative here because it’s the eye candy affect your trying to achieve.  bluMedia Group has a great platform through which company’s and forward thinking brands can create and launch this type of campaign for maximum return on their investment.  Contact us today 313.718.2258 or

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Mobile Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a unique form of marketing in which other companies agree to help you sell your product or drive traffic to your website, in return for a portion of the profits from each sale they originate.  Commissions can be paid based on clicks, sales, or leads/acquisitions. In some cases, affiliates are referred to as “partners” because they are acting in the best interest of both parties.  If you are on a website and are interested to see if they shave an affiliate marketing program, links to the programs are usually included in the footer at the bottom of the site.

Affiliate Marketing bluMedia Group Detorit Michigan Mobile Media

Affiliate Marketing bluMedia Group Detroit Michgian Mobile Media


Affiliate marketing follows this cycle:


1.     A customer visits an affiliate website.

2.     The affiliate website directs the customer to the brand/seller, where the actual transaction takes place.

3.     The brand/seller compensates the affiliate with a portion of the profit.


In the traditional model, affiliates create websites or sometimes micro-sites to help promote a brand or a product for another company.  Affiliates use traditional online marketing strategies to promote the website, such as SEO, PPC, email marketing, and online display advertising.  Generally, because affiliates are not a direct aget of the brand, but instead are recommenders of the brand, they have license to be more aggressive with their marketing tactics.

One of the easiest ways to begin an affiliate program is to work with one of the interactive media consultants at bluMedia Group. We can assist you in creating a website, supporting micro sites and mobile sites and then monetize your site because bluMedia has tier one relationships with major affiliate networks.  When you decide to add affiliate marketing to your overall strategy you have  a choice to become a publisher or a advertiser.   Publishers or Merchants are the companies with the products or websites that they want to promote.  Publishers/Merchants sign up with bluMedia Group so that our network will help your brand find affiliates to market your goods or services.

In turn, in affiliate networking Advertisers are the “affiliate links” or other people interested in promoting your product on their website and offline promotions as well.  This is a dynamic method of reaching your target audience especially in our current global economy where certain services and goods have saturated the market.  Your affiliate web must be diverse and dynamic to reap the benefits of affiliate marketing relationships and bluMedia can empower you with the tools to win!



Adsense for Mobile

Look around on any given day and you’ll probably see a few dozen people using their cell phones. Most will be talking on them, but you’ll also find plenty who are texting or even using the Internet. Despite its smaller format and scaled down capabilities, the mobile Internet is gaining a lot of traction, especially among younger – Generation X and Generation Y – users. These kids are always on the go, and they grab what they’re looking for from the Internet while on the fly.

This younger generation also has a larger disposable income than adults – folks who have mortgages, car payments, and credit card bills to think about, not to mention the cost of providing disposable income to the younger generation! If that disposable income is available, why wouldn’t you want to tap into it?

Most web site owners do feel that urge, so they’ve created mobile friendly web sites that allow cell phone enabled Internet users to access their content whether those visitors are sitting on the bus or climbing the Rocky Mountains. Of course, with mobile web sites, Google will find a way to monetize these mobile friendly sites. bluMedia Group has a program that allows you to put ads on your Mobile Web Site so you can earn some bucks even in this smaller format.

Trying to harvest a bit of cash from mobile users does require some changes to your Web site, and it also requires that you scale down some Adsense strategies. Think small, in other words, but don’t freakout. Thinking small doesn’t require too much retooling and it doesn’t mean that you’ll earn any less. Talk to a bluMedia consultant today to find out how we can build your mobile website and monetize it for your business.

Do I Need My Own App?

With the success of the App Store, a rush of companies have been clamoring to create mobile applications. Mobile apps can be a good way to grow a client base, spread brand awareness, create goodwill with existing clients, and monetize the mobile channel.  However, not every company with a mobile presence needs a mobile application.  Developing mobile applications can be quite an undertaking.  Different versions of the application must be created for each mobile operating system it will be marketed to, and each mobile app store has different requirements for submission and upkeep of the application.  If you are considering developing a mobile application, it is imperative that you plan where and how the app will be marketed and have a good understanding of how you will recoup your development costs.


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