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Affiliate marketing is a unique form of marketing in which other companies agree to help you sell your product or drive traffic to your website, in return for a portion of the profits from each sale they originate.  Commissions can be paid based on clicks, sales, or leads/acquisitions. In some cases, affiliates are referred to as “partners” because they are acting in the best interest of both parties.  If you are on a website and are interested to see if they shave an affiliate marketing program, links to the programs are usually included in the footer at the bottom of the site.

Affiliate Marketing bluMedia Group Detorit Michigan Mobile Media

Affiliate Marketing bluMedia Group Detroit Michgian Mobile Media


Affiliate marketing follows this cycle:


1.     A customer visits an affiliate website.

2.     The affiliate website directs the customer to the brand/seller, where the actual transaction takes place.

3.     The brand/seller compensates the affiliate with a portion of the profit.


In the traditional model, affiliates create websites or sometimes micro-sites to help promote a brand or a product for another company.  Affiliates use traditional online marketing strategies to promote the website, such as SEO, PPC, email marketing, and online display advertising.  Generally, because affiliates are not a direct aget of the brand, but instead are recommenders of the brand, they have license to be more aggressive with their marketing tactics.

One of the easiest ways to begin an affiliate program is to work with one of the interactive media consultants at bluMedia Group. We can assist you in creating a website, supporting micro sites and mobile sites and then monetize your site because bluMedia has tier one relationships with major affiliate networks.  When you decide to add affiliate marketing to your overall strategy you have  a choice to become a publisher or a advertiser.   Publishers or Merchants are the companies with the products or websites that they want to promote.  Publishers/Merchants sign up with bluMedia Group so that our network will help your brand find affiliates to market your goods or services.

In turn, in affiliate networking Advertisers are the “affiliate links” or other people interested in promoting your product on their website and offline promotions as well.  This is a dynamic method of reaching your target audience especially in our current global economy where certain services and goods have saturated the market.  Your affiliate web must be diverse and dynamic to reap the benefits of affiliate marketing relationships and bluMedia can empower you with the tools to win!



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